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Video Overview of Therapy for Torticollis in Infants

Watch as our physical therapist Karen Penewell speaks about the importance of therapy for Torticollis in infants. Rehab Without Walls has two specialty pediatric therapy centers located in Washington.  

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“The Many Hats of Rehab”

Stephanie was involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident which resulted in the inability to stand or walk at 18 years old. She was admitted to RWW almost four months after her injury. On her first day at RWW she attempted to demonstrate her ability to stand in a rolling walker and immediately fell over, […]

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RWW Continuum of Care "Gave me a sense of normalcy."

Teana is a vibrant and social young woman whose life was remarkably impacted when she sustained a spinal cord injury. Teana received care in acute rehabilitation as well as home health immediately following her medical event; however, after several months she continued to find herself unable to leave the home and participate in life the […]

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Ricky Continues to Improve After Gunshot Wound

Ricky experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of a gunshot wound while working in 1989. Since then, he’s participated in numerous post-acute brain injury programs, all resulting limited progress. With the assistance of his Paradigm Case Manager, Ricky was admitted to RWW San Marcos in March 2023. He was wheelchair bound, experiencing worsening […]

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"My goals were set and I knew there would be a reward at the end."

“From being on my dying bed to where I am at now, first I believe that God will put people into your life; total strangers to help you, and even though it is their job to help me, I feel like they were able to help me like no other. Throughout all my bad days […]

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"Toasting to A Life After Stroke"

In January 2024, Dan suffered a stroke while at work. He came to Level Eleven shortly after seeking help with his communication. When Dan first arrived for speech therapy, his communication was limited to very automatic phrases only. He had difficulty finding and producing words he wanted to say due to apraxia of speech and […]

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