Referral Guide for Health Care Professionals

We look forward to helping your patient return to
maximum functionality and independence.

Building strong relationships with physicians and case managers is a top priority for us. Here’s what you need to know about referring a patient to Rehab Without Walls®.

When to Contact Us

Call as early in the process as possible BEFORE the patient is discharged. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least a week. However, we realize that is not always possible, and we will do everything we can to work quickly and within the patient’s timeframe.

How to Reach Us

To refer a patient to Rehab Without Walls®, you can use our Contact Us form, call our main number (866) 734-2296, or call a location directly. To find location-specific phone numbers, please view our Locations.

Program Criteria

In general, these are the criteria for referral into our programs. For location specific service offerings and care settings, please view our Locations.


  • The patient should be medically stable
  • The patient should show clearly definable rehabilitation potential
  • The patient’s condition is manageable and does not require inpatient care
  • There is a family or support system in place in the patient’s home


  • A safe environment for patient and our therapy team
  • For Residential Transitional Care
  • The patient should be medically stable
  • The patient should show clearly definable rehabilitation potential


For all potential referrals:

Provide the patient’s insurance information to the Rehab Without Walls team, so we can verify benefits immediately.

If the Patient is Hospitalized:

  1. Provide details for needed evaluation and therapies. These details will need to include the physician’s name and NPI number.
  2. After the release is signed, our team will review the patient’s medical records and assess whether our model of care is suitable for the individual. If so, the next steps include:
    • Work with the payer to obtain the necessary authorization. Meet with the patient and family and explain care coverage.
    • For Home and Community Rehab, assess the individual’s home to ensure it’s a safe environment and a smooth transition can be achieved.
    • Develop initial care plan based on initial needs.

Next Steps After Discharge

Once rehab begins, the referring physician or physicians become part of our treatment team and may participate in ongoing meetings and evaluations as needed.

Have Additional Questions?

At Rehab Without Walls®, we strive to provide answers to any questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us. We can also set up an in-service presentation at your location if desired.



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