Spinal Cord Injury

Our Renowned SCI Rehab Program Blends
Compassion and Creativity

Each year, about 12,500 Americans are newly diagnosed with a spinal cord injury (SCI). Many of these people are young and active. They have jobs, hobbies, and family responsibilities.

And then, quite suddenly, everything changes.

While neuro rehab can’t reverse permanent spinal cord damage, it can help people who have SCI lead the fullest life possible. Rehab Without Walls® helps individuals improve mobility, learn how to use adaptive equipment, and manage the emotional challenges of their new life.

A comprehensive approach to recovery is particularly important for individuals who have both a spinal cord injury and a brain injury because limitations from one condition can affect how we address the other condition.

Our Approach Centers on Quality of Life

Our approach combines science, compassion, and creativity to deliver the best results for each individual.

Rehab Without Walls® Is Unique and Successful For A Few Main Reasons:

Functional and Individualized Goals

In addition to traditional goals of spinal cord rehab, we work with the individual and their family to establish more functional goals. Our experience and clinical studies agree that this approach keeps individuals more motivated and engaged in therapy.

Real life settings support functional goals and return to daily life. Examples of functional goals may include:

  • Patient will be able to navigate wheelchair more than 100 feet on uneven surfaces so he can return to community college and navigate campus.
  • Patient with have the upper body strength to independently transfer from their wheelchair to their vehicle.
  • Patient will increase endurance and upper body strength in order to navigate their local airport.

Because spinal cord injury often occurs in younger people, this approach is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to be as active as possible well into the future. Our real success lies in what comes months and years after therapy. That’s why we say we’re focused on “durable outcomes.”

Many Specialties, One Team

Because spinal cord injury can affect so many parts of the body, we think it’s important for multiple specialties to work together. We believe a team approach is more efficient. For example, an occupational therapist (OT) and physical therapist (PT) might both go to the workplace with an individual.

The OT will focus on navigating environmental barriers safely, while the PT will focus on coordination.

A physician oversees all team members. In the Home and Community setting, a clinical coordinator keeps everyone on the team aligned and serves as the main point of contact for the individual’s family during treatment.

Family Member Education and Involvement

Like all catastrophic illnesses or injuries, spinal cord injury has a ripple effect on the survivor’s family.

That’s why we help both the individual and their family develop coping strategies to adjust to their new reality. The health of the family and the health of the client are so interconnected that both need to be a part of the treatment process.



Care Settings

We offer our evidence-based approach to adult and children in a variety of care settings,
providing the opportunity to heal in the environment that’s best for them.

Home and Community (Adults and Children) 

With this approach, therapy takes place in the home, at the workplace, in school or elsewhere in the patient’s community. 

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Outpatient Neuro Rehab (Adults and Children)

In select locations, we offer both individual and group sessions in fully equipped rehabilitation centers. 

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Residential Facilities (Adults)

Our residential facilities help smooth the transition from hospital to home. 

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