Rehab Without Walls offers much more than simple Home Health rehab

Rehab Without Walls provides far more focused and outcome driven rehabilitation therapies than home health services.  Our integrated approach combines multiple intensive therapies designed to deliver the results to help our complex neuro patients reach challenging goals required to reclaim their lives in their homes and communities.

Why Referral Partners choose Rehab Without Walls when discharging

  • RWW is a Home and Community re-entry program based on rehab. Our model goes beyond the home health model of medically driven patient populations with a homebound status.
  • RWW specializes in complex neuro patients. We treat brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. We go above and beyond what traditional home health therapy can cover.
  • RWW offers the complete interdisciplinary team of neuro rehab specialists and can cover a patient for a longer timeframe than traditional home health.
  • RWW designs rehab programs that are based on the patient needs for return-to-functionality with outcomes that are durable: maintain improvements, retain max independence and reduce rehospitalizations are keys to the RWW functional model.

Beyond Home Health Rehab

  • Home Health CANNOT treat once the patient leaves the house.  RWW gets patients back in the community.
  • Home Health also tends to have a very short window to work in with very limited time.  RWW is there for patient-centered needs and models after in-patient rehab intensity.
  • Home Health is a medical heavy model-  emphasis on nursing not rehab.  And their rehab is not neuro focused like RWW.  We are a coordinated, integrated, intensive therapy model on the essential (and beyond) of neuro functionality.
  • Home Health is typically not prepared to address an SCI patient, a TBI with behaviors, a stroke with heavy sedation of senses, or a patient that is ready for function outside the house.  This what Rehab Without Walls does better than any other provider.