Return to Work PLUS (RTW+)


Our program provides individuals with relevant treatment outside the traditional clinical setting, allowing for a timely and successful transition back to work.

At Rehab Without Walls® we now offer a focused rehab treatment approach for those individuals with complex neurological injuries who want to return to work. This program provides flexibility to meet your schedule with services offered Monday through Friday in a variety of settings. Including in-home, community, and worksite settings.

For workers, our RTW+ program provides support

  • Education regarding abstract symptoms of your neurological injury.
  • Therapeutic activities directly related to your job, not general “exercise”.
  • A return to function in a sequential graded manner.


For case managers, our RTW+ program provides effectiveness

  • Specialized Triage Tool flags relevant to neuro-specific barriers for RTW+.
  • Structured three-month program with monthly progress/reassessment reports.
  • Comprehensive services beyond occupational and physical therapies to address abstract and nuanced elements of catastrophic injuries.
  • Speech language pathology and counseling as part of initial service.
  • Provision of objective and meaningful measures to confirm concerns or readiness.
  • Multi-tiered program for objective progression of therapy programing to address prerequisites for Functional Independence and RTW+.

For adjusters & employers, our RTW+ program provides accountability

  • Program founded on research: The quicker return to work, the higher rate of success.
  • “Therapy” interventions directly related to actual work skills.
  • Graduated transition to work plans structured by Employer’s protocols.
  • Objective indicators that define and determine RTW+ program monthly plan approval.

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