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“They Make Therapy a Fun Place to Be!”

“I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. I appreciate and care about them like family.” – states Mark.

“In April 2021, I was involved in a golf cart roll-over accident. I was golfing with friends on a rolling hills course, and we had one hole left to play for the day. We turned too quickly, from what I remember, and I woke up face down with no feeling in my legs. I was taken to the trauma unit in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I had fractured my C6/C7 vertebrae complete spinal cord injury. Three days later I had surgery to fuse C4 through C8 vertebrae to alleviate the pain and for stability.

I was in the trauma unit for two weeks as my blood pressure was extremely low. Once they found the correct meds to keep my blood pressure up, I moved to Mary Free Bed Rehab in Grand Rapids. This was an eight week stay working with occupational, physical, recreational, and physiological therapy. I had intense nerve pain for several weeks while working through therapy.

When I first came to Level Eleven Therapy, I could not do many things. It was new with all the challenges to work through. I could not hang onto a pillowcase, tennis ball, or 1lb dumbbell with zero grip strength. With the help of my Occupational Therapist Whitney, I’ve made some amazing strides. She’s an amazing person and therapist. Having someone that can push you and truly cares about meeting your goals drives me to do so.

My Physical Therapists Theresa, Chase, Michelle, and Ashley have also pushed me to get stronger. They all have their own special qualities that help motivate me. It’s a team that makes therapy for me a fun place to be. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. I appreciate and care about them like family.

My first goal was to be released from Mary Free Bed Rehab to attend my nephew’s wedding, then to be able to return to work full-time to be a value-added resource, and to work on several things that I could do on my own to not burden others.

I came home July 2021, was able to attend my nephew’s wedding, went back to work when my short-term disability time was up, and can do so many things now that I couldn’t do. I’m able to get drinks and food out of the fridge, do dishes, brush my teeth, shave, laundry, dress myself with some assistance, shoot my gun and crossbow, build fishing poles, garden, trim trees, take care of the dogs, and cook food on the smoker.

We have had to deal with a lot of emotions through all of this. I certainly would not have made it without my wife, Jeni, supporting me and being my daily companion. I have some amazing family, friends, my dogs Silvee and Mama, and co-workers who have also been very supportive. I made the decision after about five weeks that I’m going to do the best I can in this situation. Things happen for a reason and there are people out there who have it harder than I do. Life is all about choices and daily attitude.” – Mark, RWW Patient

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