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“I cry with joy watching my son get better!”

“My son, Philip, at only 31 years old had a massive stroke while hunting with his father. Prior to his stroke Philip was a graphic designer and avid weightlifter but has been unable to draw or lift because of the effect the stroke had on his right side. Doctors have told us not to expect any improvements. Heartbreaking to hear, but his Occupational Therapist, Forrest, has worked so well with Philip.

Forrest has something new each time we come to therapy. He’s not afraid to challenge him, but also talks and jokes to keep things light and fun. Recently, we have made him a modified pulley gym in our house! We watch what Forrest does with Philip and work on those skills at home. We have large-handled utensils, tennis balls, bean bags, and a gym for him. Forrest has taught my husband and I how to help and has helped order things and approve our home setups, so they won’t hurt Philip. Philip has five therapists and Forrest is the first one prayed for every night.

I don’t think we have come to Philip’s “new normal” yet. Many told us to expect slow progress, but I see wins all the time. I see Philip try to eat with his right hand now while six months ago he could not lift his right hand to his chest. Now, he can lift his hand to the top of his head, and he can carry things in his right hand.
Forrest has never told us Philip is moving slowly; doctors tell us that. Forrest makes Philip feel strong and makes Phil laugh. Most every day I sit on the sidelines thanking God for Forrest and Level Eleven and cry with joy watching my son get better and better. It is more beautiful than words can describe.” – Philip’s mom

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