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“I Can Face Life Head on Thanks to RWW”

“I can face life head on thanks to Bethany’s teachings,” states Greg.

“April 2015 was a day of change; however, I did not know it. At the time of my accident, I was employed as a police officer for nine years and had an assignment of controlling traffic on a closed street for a school trip and parade. A horse drawn carriage was part of the parade but unfortunately the horse began to get frightened by the crowd. As they began approaching the start of the parade, where about 300 middle school children were gathered, the carriage driver could not hold the carriage and the horse began pulling. I stepped in to hold the horse and calm him, but this only worked for a short time and as the horse reared up, I began to worry about the children. I was also afraid the horse would break out of his harness and get loose. So, I held on as he reared to pull him back toward me and the roadway but as we both rose into the air, the horse kicked and hit me in the left side of my head. Only years later, I found out I fell unconscious with this hit. I fell onto the road and hit my head striking my right temple which caused me to come to. At the hospital doctors were only concerned about injuries that could be seen, my lacerated elbow and bleeding head. This is where my journey begins.

By August 2015, the staples in my head were sore and the wound would bleed. I knew something wasn’t right, but I had no idea what, so I began to ignore it. In December I had forgotten where I stored my wife’s Christmas gift. Things in everyday life got worse; I would repeat myself; I would have the same conversations as if they never occurred, I would be very angry and have an explosive temper. I called the workman’s compensation insurance to see if my case could be reopened but because you can’t see my injury I was told no and was advised to drink more water and get more sleep.

After a few failed attempts of therapy, I found my way to Rehab Without Walls in 2021 and to my Speech Therapist Bethany. I was willing to try speech therapy but had no idea why, as I could talk fine. Bethany taught me what speech therapy entailed. For me, my injury interrupted my ability to retain information, which led to me not being able to remember things. What therapy has done is teach me how my injury has affected my “new normal”. Rather than ignoring it and hoping it will self-correct I understand what is happening and why. I learned I cannot be fixed or repaired but now have workarounds. For any person who has an injury, especially one you can’t see, understanding it and beginning rehab is the most important part to getting to the “new normal”. Also, accepting you will not be the same as before unless you have techniques, strategies, and workarounds.

After two years I am now discharged from therapy. I wouldn’t say I am ready because who isn’t afraid of the unknown, but I can say I can face life head on thanks to Bethany’s teachings.” – Greg, RWW Patient

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