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Patient Succeeds after Stroke with Driving Focus Rehab at PRA

Rehabilitation is not something that is “done” to an individual, like a procedure or a surgery. The individual must be committed and do the work. Geoff required rehabilitation after a stroke, and he embraced the process from day one. His program included physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Pairing physical with the emotional, neuropsychology services were also provided to teach coping skills and to promote adjustment to the injury. The highly skilled and experienced therapists at Progressive Rehab Associates and Rehab Without Walls guided Geoff through exercises and activities facilitating his recovery and toward functional independence.

Geoff shares, “My main goal at PRA was creating a new normal for myself and accepting my new normal. Some ways I’ve been able to do that are by talking and participating in groups, assisting other clients in their journeys, and practicing skills that will allow me to drive again, like Driving Focus and Simulated Driving. PRA taught me strategies on ways to deal with the effects of my stroke. For example, speak more clearly by slowing down and speaking with intent. PRA helped me learn ways to use technology to compensate for things my stroke made difficult, like keeping organized. One way I have been able to get involved in the community again is by volunteering at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore with help from a PRA therapist to get me set up. It’s been great to use my skills to help others and to give back.”

Colin, Geoff’s speech therapist, says, “By offering all of these services at one outpatient facility, PRA eliminates many of the usual obstacles clients face and makes it as easy as possible for them to receive the care they need. As a TBI survivor myself, I especially appreciate the level of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration at PRA, knowing firsthand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to get a team of unaffiliated providers on the same page.”

Colin goes on to state, “No matter how ambitious and hard-working a client is, it’s difficult to make the kind of progress Geoff has made when your services are siloed at different clinics. Throughout Geoff’s time at PRA, he has benefited from the creative problem solving that happens at PRA’s daily team meetings. I had the opportunity to go out in the community and work alongside him for his first few shifts. Seeing Geoff put all of the strategies, tools, and recommendations from his team at PRA into action was a special moment, and a unique opportunity that clinicians don’t often get to experience.”

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