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Level Eleven Patient Regains Independence with Gait Training

Janell suffered from a stroke before coming to Level Eleven/RWW. Her main goal was to be able to walk independently again. After receiving rehabilitation from RWW/Level Eleven, Janell is now able to walk around her home with little assist from her husband and has started to walk in and out of therapy without her wheelchair. Prior to coming to Level Eleven, Janell was dependent on her wheelchair for all mobility.
Janelle states, “All the PTs and PTAs at Level Eleven have been so encouraging, kind, and knowledgeable with gait training!”
“I had a stroke on August 27th, 2022 in Indiana. I was at an outpatient PT clinic that did not specialize in neuro and did not support my goals. Eventually they recommended Level Eleven to help me reach my goals. Since coming to Level Eleven, everyone has been so nice, friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable in my recovery and I really appreciate it. I couldn’t do anything when I first started, my husband was doing everything for me and I was mainly using the wheelchair. Since coming to here, the therapists have helped me to start to walk by myself at home with my husband supervising. I feel like the therapists here have really supported me in helping attain my goals. I am not there yet, but I am determined to walk without a cane one day and walk the Mackinaw bridge on Labor Day,” said Janelle.

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