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Patient Able to Maintain “Dream Job” After Suffering TBI

Jason came to Rehab Without Walls after suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Our team of rehabilitation specialists helped him to gain and maintain employment. Jason’s outcome went way beyond anyone’s expectations.

At the final family conference, his mom was in tears expressing her gratitude for what it meant to Jason professionally and personally. His dad said he thought that RWW would help Jason to get a job as a greeter at Walmart, not “the” job as Content Writer – Senior Process Executive at Cognizant.

This picture was taken after the final family conference at Jason’s home. Pictured is Vocational Specialist Ted, in the forefront left, and Clinical Coordinator Christi and Neuropsychologist Suzanne Griffin on the right. Behind is Jason with his family.

Jason’s RWW team could not have been more committed to Jason and his success! We are so proud of the services we provide at RWW and the amazing impact we have on the people we serve. Our patients impact us – we walk away inspired and fulfilled, knowing that people can do so much more than they ever believe they are capable of, that the human spirit is resilient and strong. That’s why we do what we do!

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