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Patient Returns to Hiking, Fishing, and Work!

“I first met Timmy at Grand Strand Medical Center after he suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a work-related injury. I assisted in his transition to Rehab Without Walls in August of 2023 where he participated in physical, occupational, and speech therapies for eight weeks where he made significant gains in physical therapy.

Initially he required constant verbal cues for visual input and safety awareness as he would bump into things without realizing he was doing so and would tap his feet on each stair prior to ascending or descending. By the end of our intervention, Timmy’s balance improved so much he was able to carry and lift lumber, additional construction items, and push a 250-pound cart through a store while safely paying attention to his surroundings.

Timmy was able to safely walk his dog on a walking/hiking trail while avoiding bicycles in the same path and ensure everyone was safe; he even taught his therapists how to fish and to string and cast a line! From a PT standpoint, he was ready for vocational rehab to help assist him in returning to work. He was amazing to work with and had fabulous family support, which helped him progress even more.” – Carla, Timmy’s Physical Therapist

“When we began working with Timmy after his return home, he and his family were experiencing frequent stress, frustrations, and arguments related to cognitive and physical obstacles that required him to be supervised 24/7. The doors were locked for his safety because he would wake up before everyone else and wander outside, and his faulty decision making and memory often led to repeated questions/comments, sometimes at 5 a.m. to say they needed more orange-pineapple juice, and confabulations, such as talking about false memories, throughout the day.

By discharge, while not yet working, he could be left alone for several hours, with independent access to the door key, and had significantly reduced his repeated questions/comments and confabulations, resulting in more harmonious relationships with his wife and children.

One of his goals at the start of therapy was to cook meals again; not long before discharge, Timmy independently, and safely, cooked fish for a family fish fry, and within weeks of discharge has taken over most of the cooking for family dinners. His family was so supportive and happy with his therapy, and consistently worked with all the therapists for sessions both in the home and out and about in the community.” – Beverly, Timmy’s Speech Therapist


Patient Timmy pictured with two of his therapists.

Patient Timmy pictured with two of his therapists.

Patient Timmy throwing a ball for his black lab dog.

Patient Timmy throwing a ball for his black lab dog.

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