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“I feel like me, I’m back!”

After experiencing a Traumatic Brain Injury and multiple spinal injuries, Jack’s inpatient neuro team recommended he continue his treatment with Rehab Without Walls. His therapy team included a neuropsychologist, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, who collaboratively initiated treatment to continue Jack’s road to recovery.

Prior to Jack’s injury, he and his wife welcomed twins, growing to a family of five! His family has a farm in their backyard and are incredibly active outdoors with their young son. Following Jack’s accident, he was instructed to always wear a cervical collar and not to lift greater than thirty pounds. His strength and balance were affected requiring a walker to safely move around his home, limiting his ability to support his spouse and children. His life had completely changed from being a caregiver to needing assistance and supervision with everyday tasks. Being the primary provider for his family, it was vital for Jack to return to work. However, his job involved heavy physical labor, executive functioning skills, excellent endurance, and the ability to drive. Jack expected an exceptionally long road to recovery.

With Jack’s inspiring motivation and the help of our neuro specialized team, he quickly began showing consistent progress. Within three months, Jack returned to full-time fatherhood, performing usual duties around their farm and home, and has returned to work. Our team assessed and initiated driving interventions in our Return to Driving program, and Jack completed his final on-the-road testing upon discharge from RWW.

Jack expresses gratitude for the multi-modal approach facilitating his recovery. He credits Rachel, his occupational therapist, for his organizational skills, ability to plan and execute tasks for their expanded family, as well as formulating an effective strategy to address all components of his job. Jack says his neuropsychologist, speech therapist, and physical therapy team all played a vital role in his recovery.

When reflecting on his journey, Jack excitedly states, “I feel like me, I’m back!” He goes on to say, “I’m a lot better every week,” attributing his continued progress to the skills he mastered working with his RWW therapists.

When asked, “What is unique about your treatment with RWW compared to prior settings you have worked in?” PTA Meadow (pictured with Jack) says, “RWW provides a unique opportunity to progress skills which are meaningful to the patient within their personal environment.”

We at Rehab Without Walls believe in treating the total person. We honor our patients’ values and will break down walls and barriers to reach everyone’s goals!

Patient Jack cutting wood with a saw.

Patient Jack cutting wood with a saw.

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