Rehabilitation at The Dixie Lodge

Physical Therapy is redefining neurological rehabilitation for catastrophic injuries. At Dixie Lodge, you work with our team to formulate a comprehensive recovery program aimed at maximizing your function and meeting your goals.

Physical Therapy – High-Intensity and Activity-Based

Occupational Therapy – Real world experiences utilizing Dixie Lodge’s kitchen, family room, resident suites, return-to-work office, outdoor therapy area & nature walk, and community reintegration excursions.

Speech Therapy – In house services in a private setting indoors or outdoors.

2-Story Clinical Complex utilizing over 17,000sqft of indoor space and an additional 3-acres of outdoor space, including a designated outdoor therapy area.

Quarter Mile Nature Path – Paved nature path complete with wheelchair obstacles and activities.

Therapists combine futuristic technology with old-fashioned hard work in an environment that feels more like Olympic Training. The gold medal you strive for everyday is maximizing your functional recovery and independence.

Rebuild your strength. Restore your function. Recover your life.


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