Rehab Without Walls in San Marcos, Texas

Rehab Without Walls in San Marcos, Texas

One of the original post-acute brain injury treatment programs in the country.

Since 1978, our community of committed, connected and caring treatment teams have been serving the needs of adults with brain injury and other neurological disorders. We provide care for a complex population that extends beyond the walls of traditional health care models.

After a neurological injury or diagnosis, some individuals may require more therapy, supervision or physical care than can be provided at home. To help bridge the gap between the hospital setting and the home, Rehab Without Walls San Marcos provides two types of residential care; Transitional and Supported Living. With both programs, our priorities include providing for the comfort, health, and safety of the individual while supporting their return to the highest level of independence.

Individuals receive high-quality support and rehabilitation from people who understand the complexities of neurological conditions while residing in a home-like setting. We develop a customized neuro therapy program that incorporates the individual’s goals and interests. Depending on their specific abilities, therapy may start in a clinic setting, such as a fully equipped therapy gym or private treatment spaces. As the individual progresses, they may transition to community settings such as local parks and grocery stores.

*We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid

Fully Equipped Therapy Gym

Cypress Dining Area

Private Rehabilitation Treatment Space

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San Marcos Transitional and Supported Living

Although located in central Texas, we serve individuals from across the United States.

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