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Rehab Without Walls San Marcos is one of the original post-acute brain injury treatment programs in the country.


Since 1978, our community of committed, connected and caring treatment teams have been serving the needs of adults with brain injury and other neurological disorders. We provide care for a complex population that extends beyond the walls of traditional health care models.


After a neurological injury or diagnosis, some individuals may require more therapy, supervision or physical care than can be provided at home. To help bridge the gap between the hospital setting and the home, Rehab Without Walls San Marcos provides two types of residential care; Transitional and Supported Living. With both programs, our priorities include providing for the comfort, health, and safety of the individual while supporting their return to the highest level of independence. Individuals receive high-quality support and rehabilitation from people who understand the complexities of neurological conditions while residing in a home-like setting. We develop a customized neuro therapy program that incorporates the individual’s goals and interests. Depending on their specific abilities, therapy may start in a clinic setting, such as a fully equipped therapy gym or private treatment spaces. As the individual progresses, they may transition to community settings such as local parks and grocery stores.


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Although located in central Texas, we serve individuals from across the United States.


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Transitional Residential Rehabilitation

Our transitional residential settings offer active treatment from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm, seven days a week. Our rehab environment includes an interdisciplinary mix of professional services as determined based on individual needs.

Once a person is admitted, the customized rehabilitation program will be implemented to identify intervention/compensation strategies that will be the most effective for treatment. An individualized plan will be developed for transition to the home and community environment. Rehab Without Walls residential treatment programs incorporate cognitive rehabilitation for memory, attention, organization, initiation, planning problem-solving skills, and social skills training. Deficit areas are addressed, and compensatory strategies are developed through structured daily activities driven by trained staff. Pre-vocational training and support are offered when required.

In addition to the services above, weekly medical and health team visits, and monthly Outcome Goal Plan review meetings are provided. Planning for transition to the home and community environment will begin at the time of admission.

Supported Living

Following a brain injury, some individuals struggle to regain the abilities needed to face the daily challenges of living independently. Our Supported Living Program provides a positive living and working alternative for those individuals with extended rehabilitation needs.

We offer several supported living options, each with 24-hour supervision, where staff members encourage participants’ independence and self-sufficiency while providing the necessary support to meet daily challenges. The focus of treatment is to maximize each person’s quality of life by encouraging the development of leisure, social and vocational pursuits that are meaningful and productive. Functional activities promote independence in self-care, nurture meaningful interpersonal relationships, and emphasize personal responsibility.

Our Supported Living Program fosters autonomy, personal growth and development by incorporating individual needs and interests into tailor-made programs based on personal objectives.

Therapy Programs and Services

Brain Injury

As a leader in neuro rehab for more than 30 years, Rehab Without Walls® addresses the unique needs of people who have experienced an acquired brain injury (ABI) or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our proven approach combines multiple specialties that are not solely focused on what an individual can do today; rather we’re looking at sustainable long-term results, months, and years down the road.

Neurological Conditions

With all our rehab programs, we work with the individual and their family to set functional and personal treatment goals. We then create customized rehab programs centered around those goals.

Physical Therapy

Our team of physical therapists use methods, called modalities, such as ultrasound, functional electric stimulation for muscles, aquatic therapy, and manual therapy to promote proper movement and function.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy practitioners utilize a holistic approach where the focus is on adapting the environment and/or task to each individual. In all our settings, the individual, family, and care team are an integral part of the plan. The holistic approach utilized by our team enables individuals of all ages to live life to the fullest along with promoting health.

Speech Language Pathology

We offer an evidence-based, person-centered, meaningful approach to meet our individual’s communication and life goals. We work with individuals, their families, and their support teams to help them re-learn the skills needed to succeed in daily life.

Music Therapy

With our music therapy program, we support those recovering from impairments of functions such as sensory, motor, language, and emotional processing; as well as impairments in cognitive functions such as attention, information processing, and memory.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Our vocational therapy evaluates the individual’s abilities to fit into a job or career that will allow them to thrive.


We perform comprehensive neuropsychological assessments to determine what cognitive issues, or psychosocial factors may be present. We then meet with individuals and their families to discuss the diagnosis, prognosis, or issues related to the recovery process and the rehabilitation program, along with provide recommendations for successful reentry into prior activities, such as school or work.


As an additional layer of support, at Rehab Without Walls, we provide counseling services that assists with an individual’s physical, mental, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities to achieve their personal, career, and independent living goals in the most integrated setting possible.



Available Care Settings

Residential Facilities

24/7 care plus, intensive neuro rehab for individuals who need a safe and supportive living environment between hospital and home.

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Additional Information

We accept group health insurance (MCOs), self-insured, small employer plans, workers’ compensation, and private pay.

(Rehab Without Walls in San Marcos, formerly know as ResCare Premier Texas.)

A long-term care ombudsman helps residents of a nursing facility and residents of an assisted living facility resolve complaints. Help provided by an ombudsman is confidential and free of charge. To speak with an ombudsman, a person may call the toll-free number 1-800-252-2412.

We accept, Private Health Insurance, Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Automobile Insurance, Auto No-Fault Insurance, Worker’s Compensation and Private Funds.

Administrative Office – Rehabilitation homes and facilities are located in the greater San Marco area.



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