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“Thank you RWW for giving me my Husband back!”

When Kevin retired in January 2023, his retirement life dramatically changed when he sustained a traumatic brain injury the following May. Kevin required multiple neurosurgeries to manage his brain injury and required inpatient care for over two months. He was discharged to his home with Rehab Without Walls neuro rehab services in September that same year.

At the start of care, Kevin required significant physical assistance and direct supervision from his family. He needed assistance with all daily activities such as dressing, and bathing, as he was struggling with cognitive challenges as well. He was using a walker for in home mobility and could only tolerate short distances and limited activities.

Kevin made significant progress through participation with RWW therapies. He now performs community mobility with use of a cane, is participating in local fitness classes, outings at parks for walks, and has re-engaged in his prior hobbies of hunting and fishing. Improvements in Kevin’s memory and cognition now allow him to independently manage his medications, assist with preparing meals, and is safely able to be home alone without direct supervision from his family. He enjoyed attending many family outings over the holidays, including a visit to a local farm.

Shortly after discharge from RWW services in January 2024, Kevin was cleared to return to driving and has plans to travel with his wife Jan and enjoy their retirement years together with their family.

Kevin stated, “RWW allowed me to get more therapy sessions without the travel time in between, enhancing the improvements I made.”

His wife, Jan, stated, “Thank you Rehab Without Walls. The therapists who came into our home for hours at a time for multiple days per week were amazing. They engaged my husband from the start, which was not an easy task, quickly earning his trust. They learned his interests and incorporated them into his therapy, working on projects and doing activities in and out of the home, all the while increasing his mobility and cognitive skills. They knew how to keep his spirits up to where he wanted to keep working to improve. Setting attainable goals and helping him reach them kept my husband’s recovery moving forward. Thank you RWW for giving me my husband back!”

Kevin’s Therapy Team included:
• Ali Chinburg OT/CC, for Occupational Therapy
• Bri Lambert PT, for Physical Therapy
• Andrea Witt SLP, for Speech Therapy

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