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“I knew RWW wanted me to succeed”: Patient Overcomes Vertigo

Upon coming to therapy at RWW, Mariah’s main goals she wanted to accomplish were to regain her balance so she wouldn’t be a fall risk and she was wanting to be more independent in her home so she wouldn’t be as reliant on her walker.

Mariah worked with Austin, a therapy student at the time, for most of her therapy. She had been dealing with vertigo for more than 10 years and wasn’t sure if therapy would help or what to expect.

Currently, Mariah doesn’t use her walker and has no issues with her balance. One of the biggest accomplishments is she can take showers on her own without her husband’s help. Before therapy, her vertigo wouldn’t allow her to tip her head back to wash her hair completely and her husband had to help each time. Mariah is no longer experiencing back pain when sitting down and even went on a trip with her mom where she didn’t experience any back issues or dizziness throughout the trip. Usually, they take time for her to stop and stretch but they didn’t have stop once.

Mariah has gained her independence back. She can go out without the fear of falling. She says it’s a stress reliever knowing she wont fall at home when she is alone, she has been able to help around the house, and is even able to put her socks and shoes on.

Mariah states, “All the therapists pushed me in right ways, and each had different ways of doing things but all of it worked together. Anil took me outside in the grass and gravel to build up confidence so I knew I could do it and not have someone there. Everyone contributed to where I am now. My new normal is completely different but the therapists provided me with resources to work on so I can continue moving forward. The therapists all let me know I can reach out whenever I need anything. It’s just the little things I can do now, like putting on my own leggings, socks, and shoes, that speak volumes. The staff is fantastic. I didn’t even work with Occupational Therapist Daniel, but I appreciate him for just being a good spirit in the clinic. RWW has done more for me in six months than any physical therapist in my life. I didn’t know therapy could be extended. I loved that RWW would reach out to my insurance for extensions on therapy if needed because I knew RWW wanted to watch me succeed.”

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