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Many who have been afflicted with the COVID-19 virus experience a variety of symptoms that can last a couple of weeks. For COVID “long haulers,” side-effects continue for more than four weeks after testing positive for the virus.

For Rehab Without Walls patient Rhoda Pickens, it was therapy that helped her get back to doing many of the activities she loves. Back in June 2020 when Rhoda came down with COVID-19, she didn’t have any respiratory problems thanks to her active lifestyle. It wasn’t until she started walking and jogging again that she would get tingling and numbness in her hands and feet followed by chest tightness and pain. After her tests and scans came back clean, her doctor recommended she stop exercising as long as her symptoms were not improving.

Months later, she couldn’t even walk half a block without feeling exhausted. That’s when she visited a post-COVID recovery clinic run by Dr. Monica Gutierrez and was referred to Rehab Without Walls. Thanks to Rehab Without Walls, Rhoda was diagnosed with dysautonomia and now has a regimented treatment plan to help her fully recover and regain strength.

Watch Rhoda share her recovery journey with Spectrum News here.

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