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Physical Therapy

Our PTs are experts in treating issues that affect the ability to move and function in adults and children.

Individuals sometimes lose the ability to move functionally due to accidents, diseases, the aging process, pain, paralysis, balance dysfunction and/or living situation – and that’s where the work we do comes in. Our physical therapists work with patients to establish and implement realistic goals such as ease of ambulation or wheelchair propulsion, decreasing pain, improving balance to decrease risk of falls, and more.

Our Approach:

Rehab Without Walls provides comprehensive therapy services that make a real difference in every day life for children from infancy through adulthood and adults. Our expert clinicians utilize specialized equipment to promote neurological rehabilitation. Our real success lies in what comes months and years after therapy, as our patients strengthen their abilities in everyday life.

Services Exclusive to Physical Therapy:

  • Durable medical equipment evaluation & consultations
  • Wheelchair evaluation & modificatrions
  • Custom orthotic fitting & casting

Therapeutic Interventions for Physical Therapy Include:

Gait and Balance Training: This component focuses on improving walking patterns (gait) and stability (balance). It may involve exercises to strengthen muscles involved in walking and balance, as well as techniques to improve coordination and proprioception.

Head and Trunk Control Activities: These activities focus on strengthening the muscles responsible for maintaining stability and control of the head and trunk. This can include exercises like seated or standing rotations, side bends, and controlled movements to improve posture and balance.

Neuromuscular Re-education: This involves techniques to improve the communication between the nervous system and muscles. It often includes exercises to enhance coordination, balance, and proprioception, which is the body’s sense of its position in space.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation: PNF techniques involve patterns of movement and manual techniques to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. They often incorporate diagonal patterns of movement that mimic functional activities.

Soft Tissue and Joint Mobilization: These techniques involve hands-on manipulation of soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and joints to improve mobility, reduce pain, and enhance function. This can include massage, myofascial release, and joint mobilization techniques.

Stretching and Passive Range of Motion: Stretching exercises aim to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints, reducing stiffness and improving overall mobility. Passive range of motion exercises involve gently moving a joint through its full range of motion without the person actively engaging the muscles.

Therapeutic Exercise/Strengthening Exercises: These exercises target specific muscle groups to improve strength, endurance, and functional capacity. They are tailored to the individual’s needs and may include exercises using body weight, resistance bands, weights, or specialized equipment.

Therapeutic Modalities: These are adjunctive treatments used to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm, and to promote tissue healing. Examples include heat therapy, cold therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and laser therapy.

The combinations of these approaches can help restore function, improve mobility, and enhance the overall quality of life for individuals.

The Rehab Without Walls Experience

Every individual’s needs are different which means our therapists’ methods and treatment plans are customized to improve ability, manage pain, and prevent further dysfunction. We sometimes use methods, called modalities, such as ultrasound, functional electrical stimulation for muscles, aquatic therapy, and manual therapy to promote proper movement and function.

We emphasize education as a vital tool that enables our patients to continue improving as therapy sessions decrease or come to an end. We strive to equip each of our patients with the knowledge they need to properly take care of themselves and perform exercises on their own and how to use equipment such as wheelchairs and orthotic devices to enhance their mobility.

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