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Congratulations to Rehab Without Walls (RWW) in Phoenix, Arizona, for the award-winning work with one of its clients.

Severely injured during a robbery attempt at the automotive store where he is parts manager, Toby Dockstader was under the care of Rehab Without Walls last summer.

Toby is now back at work and is the “Rehabilitant of the Year,” as named by the AWCCA, an association for professionals involved in workers’ compensation claims in Arizona.

Toby’s injury occurred when he tried to stop the theft of items from the auto parts store. He was retrieving the stolen items from the back of a truck when the thief took off in the truck, and Toby fell.

The fall caused head and facial fractures, spinal injuries and other serious internal injuries. Toby recovered to return to his job at the parts store, thanks to his hard work in rehab and the team at RWW, who provided Toby with patient-centered comprehensive neurorehabilitation. Toby’s program included speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy, neuropsychology and social work services, vocational rehabilitation, and clinical coordination.

“His work re-entry performance earned praise and acclaim from the store manager and the corporate office,” vocational rehabilitation specialist Theodore “Ted” Telepak wrote in Toby’s nomination. “I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with, and learned from (Toby).”

Ted also wrote of personally visiting Toby at work, prior to submitting the nomination.

RWW clients also received second-place and honorable mention awards from AWCCA. These are just examples of how ResCare employees like those at RWW help people like Toby live their best life.

Our RWW program specializes in helping people with high-acuity rehabilitation needs. Recognized for its significant value proposition, leading outcomes and unique clinical programs, RWW helps patients including those defined by traumatic brain injury and other acute neuro conditions and events. Patients are served outside of institutional settings and in home environments. In this setting, a skilled interdisciplinary team treats patients using clinical experts who focus on meeting each individual’s functional goals.

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