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Quadriplegic Patient uses Adaptive Equipment for Improved Living

Tracey is on bed rest for six weeks after recovery from a flap surgery which requires him to lay flat. He had surgery for a sacral ulcer and diagnosed with Quadriplegia C5-C7, and an incomplete traumatic brain injury.

Recreational therapy was brought on to equip him with activities so he may engage in leisure activity, and communicate with long distance friends and family using assistive technology.

With collaboration from his therapy team, a special table was ordered to allow Tracey to access the computer using an adaptive mouse joystick he operates with his mouth, while still lying flat in bed. Tracey has been able to explore new opportunities with his laptop, including setting up a Facebook profile and joining various spinal cord injury support groups. He keeps in touch with his friends and family via email and text messaging using accessibility features such as voice to text. Using his adaptive mouse, Tracey is learning how to play chess and is able to virtually participate in church services.

Most rehab companies would have placed this type of patient on hold, or even discharged during this recovery period, however; Rehab Without Walls was creative and flexible to help Tracey continue to participate in meaningful activities, even with this significant physical barrier.

Tracey’s RWW therapy team consisted of:
– Occupational Therapy with Danielle
– Speech Therapy with Ashley
– Physical Therapy with Megan
– Karley as his Therapeutic Recreational Specialist

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