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Texas Hill Country School

The Texas Hill Country School

The Texas Hill Country School fosters the belief that each student can reach his/her maximum potential within the right academic environment. Many of our students struggled in a traditional school setting and became disenchanted, not only with learning, but also with other aspects of life. We have demonstrated that when these students are recognized as individuals and nurtured, they can develop a clearer sense of self.

The school offers both residential services and day school programming for students age 6 – 22 with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or other developmental and neurobehavioral challenges.  As part of Rehab Without Walls NeuroSolutions, the faculty and staff share best practices, innovative therapies, and research on rehabilitation and Applied Behavior Analysis with clinical practitioners from around the country, including our TBI treatment center in San Marcos, Texas.

The school is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as a non-public school and contracts with local districts for the placement of their students. We also have a proven track record of working with out-of-state education agencies to enroll students from their districts. We work closely with the contracting school district to ensure that the student’s needs, as defined by the Individual Education Plan, are fully addressed.  Other funding sources are also accepted, such as insurance and private pay.

About Our School

Our school offers a comprehensive academic program in an innovative and creative atmosphere where students are taught to strive for their personal best. We make no assumptions about how students should learn, but instead, encourage students to learn in ways that are uniquely suited to them. We believe that the curriculum should be individualized based upon each student’s talents, abilities, and interests. All students should attain their peak academic performance, but we recognize that all students will not reach that goal on the same path. We start at the student’s current ability level and build upon that foundation. Throughout the academic process, we assist our students in gaining knowledge and self-confidence in a supportive, challenging setting.

Our Faculty

teacher in classOur faculty dedicate themselves to the development and success of each student. We custom design academic curriculum based upon each student’s specific needs. Students are taught to maximize their strengths and to employ tools and processes to minimize their weaknesses. Our small, interactive classrooms support a diversity of learning styles and the personal goals of each student.

In this environment, we offer individualized instruction, peer interaction, and group learning experiences through organized, meaningful activities and personal exploration. Instructors integrate subject matter into real-life situations and provide multiple opportunities for students to experience a sense of accomplishment, both in the classroom and in the community. The curriculum encourages creativity, problem-solving, and personal growth in a positive educational setting. Students are encouraged to take pride in their achievements and accept each failure as a step on the journey to success.

A Setting for Growth

The school’s unique setting encourages discovery, growth, and achievement and optimizes our students’ success. The emotionally nurturing environment fosters the development of individual responsibility, teamwork, social responsibility, and self-discipline. Academic rigors are balanced with extracurricular activities that provide social interaction and sharing among peers.

Students are afforded multiple opportunities to discover their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social potential. With the constant personal attention of our committed faculty and staff, students develop a solid self-image and become prepared for the challenges ahead. We are committed to helping each student succeed in and out of the classroom.

Our programs are specially and individually developed to fit our students’ needs. We create an environment for young men and women to interact socially. We encourage our students to explore an age-appropriate social life, express school spirit and experiment with artistic, creative outlets.

Conveniently Located

Set in the quiet community of Maxwell, Texas, the Texas Hill Country School environment accentuates the non-traditional approach to education, which is successful and necessary for this student population. Both residential and day school-programming services are available.

The Texas Hill Country School campus is located seven miles east of San Marcos, Texas. Conveniently situated between San Antonio and Austin, San Marcos is within driving distance of these metropolitan areas, allowing easy access to community and cultural events in both cities.

A Message From Our Executive Director


Addressing the unique needs of students with developmental, neurobehavioral, or psychological issues can be a complex and difficult task. Most students with special needs perform well in a traditional or special education classroom. But there are those unfortunate circumstances when the distinctive requirements of a student cannot be met in the conventional academic setting.

For these students, behavioral and emotional issues are frequent roadblocks to academic success. Impulsivity, frustration, verbal outbursts, and, sometimes, physical aggression are quite common. These behaviors are disruptive to the entire classroom and ultimately lead to the student’s academic failure.

The Texas Hill Country School offers individualized instruction in small classroom settings to meet each student’s level of academic competency, while emphasizing developmental, behavioral, and social skills. We focus on the development of self-control and direction at a time in our student’s lives that is traditionally full of distractions and confusion. Students learn personal responsibility, productive alternatives to challenging behaviors, and school-appropriate conduct. With the support and guidance of staff and instructors, our students are encouraged to embrace academic challenges once again and strive to reach their fullest potential.

We do not allow a student’s disabilities to define his/her abilities.

Jane Stewart
Executive Director