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During her first teletherapy session, Rehab Without Walls patient Patricia* mentioned that she had fallen recently and started having moderate to severe pain in her right shoulder.

Patricia wasn’t able to reach overhead without discomfort and couldn’t perform limited weight-bearing movements. With a history of shoulder pain in both shoulders and a previous shoulder dislocation in her right shoulder, our teletherapy sessions needed to focus on stabilization exercises and pain management techniques.

We mailed a home exercise program and TheraBand to Patricia’s house so we could utilize these helpful aids during our teletherapy sessions. After just one month, she reported no more pain in her right shoulder while at rest and reduced pain levels when performing certain movements. Patricia is even able to hold a plank, with full body weight, for 30 or more seconds without experiencing any pain!

Teletherapy is now a consistent part of Patricia’s schedule, as she now has the flexibility that she needs with her busy schedule. Previously, she frequently canceled or rescheduled her appointments because she couldn’t physically make it into the clinic. Empowered by the ability to conduct her sessions virtually, she made all 6 scheduled sessions in a  month.

“With flexible telehealth options and more consistent attendance, I’m noticing that Patricia is healing much faster and is starting to dramatically improve her movements and function,” said Dr. Jessica Buja, DPT. “Many of our patients have busy schedules like her, so I’m thankful we’re now able to provide this therapy option to them.”

*Name changed to protect patient confidentiality

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