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SWAN Rehab – Amputation Recovery and Rehabilitation

Amputation Recovery and Rehabilitation

Losing a limb is an event that is both physically and emotionally challenging. The recovery time and process vary from person to person. Finding the right physical and/or occupational therapist can improve recovery following an amputation.

man with prosthetic leg at rehab

At Swan Rehab our team of rehabilitation specialists have the knowledge and experience in working with those with amputations to give patients optimal outcomes. Our team also provides a caring and supportive treatment plan that will ensure the patients achieve their goals.

Our team of Occupational and Physical Therapists can help patients through the rehabilitation process. We work collaboratively with the prosthetist to create an individualized treatment plan:

  • Pre-Prosthetic Phase: Early intervention is critical to build strength, maintain proper motion to prevent contractures and to promote limb healing. We also focus on patient and family education.
  • Interim-Prosthetic: Begin prosthetic training. Focus on gait mechanics and control of the prosthesis.
  • Post-Prosthetic: Progression to include more complex tasks and help patients maximize their functional skills.
  • Supportive Care (or Ongoing Care): Continue to progress in high-level techniques and skills; rebuild skills that may have declined over time.

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