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Rehab Without Walls patient Jermain was in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. At the time of his accident, he lived in California, but he had to relocate to Arizona to live with his mother, who became his caregiver. Jermain began outpatient therapy in Arizona to assist him with regaining mobility, strength, endurance, communication, improve his cognition, and learn tools to improve his memory. Following his outpatient therapy, he began the independent living rehab program, which focuses on meeting patients’ functional goals at home and in the community.

Before his accident, Jermain worked in the music and recording industry. His passion for the profession always comes through when he talks about writing and recording music and going on national tours with various artists. Part of Jermain’s physical therapy in the independent living program included learning to propel his wheelchair to become more independent. Because of his memory deficits, the therapists used Jermain’s music background to help him with a cue to remember the correct technique and create the catchphrase “push then glide.” The therapists used this phrase as a cue to remind Jermain to push himself around the clinic.

Speech therapists also found a way to use music to continue to motivate Jermain and created a rap as part of his therapy. Jermain performed the rap for all the therapy employees as a thank you for all their work.

Push-Glide-Get Ready

First you push, then you glide

Get ready y’all, I’ma try

To be better than I was yesterday

With a work ethic, I ain’t come to play

I’m serious, a li’l curious

The future’s not written, it’s mysterious

So you have to be more dedicated

And faster, start accelerating

I’m learning this semester

I’m making strides with the vector

Riding passenger in the cool cars

The parallel bars I’m moving real far

Making progress I’m being modest

You should have seen me last August

Now I’m better y’all c’mon sing along

Thanks to everyone (where) at SWAN

They’re workin’ y’all, they’re believers

Let’s get better y’all, we’re achievers!!

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