Liz is the founder of a successful executive search firm and the mother of three. After Liz survived an ischemic stroke and craniectomy, she was left with weakness, loss of vision and cognitive challenges.

​Before she was injured, she was working full-time, involved with her kids, practicing yoga twice daily and volunteering in the community. Once her physical and cognitive symptoms left her unable to continue in those roles, Liz struggled to rebuild her new life.


Liz’s Treatment Plan

Liz’s treatment plan was about getting Liz prepared to go back to work and continue with yoga and community interaction. She had Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy focusing on gait training and balance, concentration, memory, processing, compensatory strategies, upper extremity range of motion and strengthening, community outings, groups, and (of course) lots of yoga.  “My treatment plan included every aspect of my injury, not just pieces.”


Liz’s Life After RWW

“I am no longer just existing, I’m living again and thriving in my life. I am back to work, back to practicing yoga, I am spending time with friends, volunteering and being an active mother in my kids’ lives. I’m no longer drowning. RWW helped me back to land and I’m breathing air hopeful​about my future”