Joe is a furniture craftsman who was involved in a serious car accident while on the job that left him with a brain injury.

Before PRA, he spent six months being told by doctors that he needed to rest even while his symptoms were slowly getting worse. He was suffering from balance issues, headaches, double vision and weakness.

Joe’s Treatment Plan

When Joe’s doctor recommended PRA, he was willing to try anything. His PRA case manager recommended eye therapy, organization and planning sessions, brain exercises, balance training, regular physical therapy, nutrition training, and group sessions with fellow patients. _____ “It turned out that sharing with people who shared the same issues as I did was one of the best things that happened during my time at PRA.” “When you are so near your own physical and mental problems it’s hard for you to see that you are making any progress at all, but the community there helped me see my progress more clearly”

Joe’s Life After PRA


Joe responded well to the treatment and training. His limitations in balance and stamina were overcome and his mental clarity and communication skills returned. He is back to work full-time and reports that he is stronger and in better shape than he was before the accident. “The eight weeks I spent in therapy at PRA is some of the best spent time of my life. The lessons I learned have changed my life for the better and all the wonderful people I met will be in my heart forever.”