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Phoenix Day Treatment Program

Phoenix Day Treatment Program

RWW Phoenix Day Program Facility

The RWW Clinic/Day Treatment Program operates from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, from a large, fully equipped clinic in central Phoenix. We are one of the few programs in Arizona that offers a full complement of neuro-specialized services – in addition to physical, occupational and speech therapy, we offer neuropsychology, vocational services, social work, recreational therapy and clinical coordination. We are also are one of the few programs in Arizona that provides services at a low intensity or at a very high intensity of 25 hours per week. Treatments are provided within the clinic environment, the home and community, and work place. Depending on location, transportation to and from the clinic is usually available at no additional cost to the patient or payer.

Program Focus

The comprehensive Clinic Program is for individuals who need a moderate level of structure in order to maximize their rehabilitation potential. The focus of this program is to help the individual achieve a level where he/she can function safely, appropriately, and independently through the use of individual and specialized group interventions.  Patients learn a productive routine away from home similar to what they may have experienced prior to injury, facilitating their return to structured productive activities. Patients have the opportunity to begin coping with and adjusting to their life changes and preparing them for social activities within the community.  Educational, coping, and stress management groups are also available to assist them in coping with their limitations and to address their adjustment needs. Family education and participation is a key element in each treatment plan.

The Rehab Without Walls difference

Rehab Without Walls® provides fully coordinated, interdisciplinary treatment to serve the comprehensive neurorehabilitation needs of individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke and other acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury.

As our name implies, Rehab Without Walls® is dedicated to removing the barriers, physical, emotional and social, that can slow recovery.  Our objective is to equip the people we serve with the functional skills necessary to participate in practical, daily activities at home, school, work, and in the community.  Our strategy is to target treatment goals that are useful and functional within the context of the patient’s own lifestyle, utilizing a highly qualified interdisciplinary rehabilitation team that works together to achieve relevant, functional, and timely outcomes.

In order to best meet individual needs, we provide treatment at a level of intensity and in whatever setting is most appropriate at the time when it is most appropriate.  Consequently, we offer a continuum of programs and services.  Patients, families, physicians, and payers report high levels of satisfaction with all the Rehab Without Walls® programs and outcomes studies indicate significant treatment gains, with outcomes that endure long after discharge.

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