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Patient with 35-year-old TBI Makes Significant Improvements with RWW!

In March of 2023, Rehab Without Wall’s occupational therapists Robert Paul and Ally Vallo, were given a unique opportunity to visit the home of Roger to complete a thorough home evaluation and make necessary recommendations for improving safety and reducing fall risk. Recommendations were made for multiple grab bars to be placed into Roger’s bathroom along with ramps at front and back of home. During this initial encounter, Ally and Robert determined that he would be an excellent candidate for skilled therapy services with RWW. A written letter of medical necessity was provided to his worker’s compensation company which served to be the catalyst to an amazing opportunity.

Liberty Mutual approved RWW to provide home therapy services for Roger for a short duration. He was provided physical therapy with Angela Lankford, occupational therapy with Lacey Campbell, and speech therapy services with Theresa Urueta to address impairments related to a traumatic brain injury he sustained approximately 35 years ago.

Roger’s therapists quickly saw the potential he possessed to do so much more than his current level of function, so the wheels were put in motion to help him achieve and access as many opportunities as possible. RWW communicated directly with his Paradigm case manager, regarding findings from our initial evaluations and recommendations. This initial collaboration turned into an ongoing conversation regarding Roger’s progress, barriers, and additional recommendations, which resulted in improved understanding on the end of Liberty Mutual adjusters and, as a result, increased the time RWW had to work with Roger.

Roger had severe visual impairments resulting in pervasive double vision and postural deviations and had not seen a neuro optometrist since early in his recovery. RWW was able to collaborate with his case manager and family to schedule an eye appointment. This community outing with occupational therapy resulted in improved understanding of his impairments and provision of improved lenses.

From a physical therapy perspective, his wheelchair was over 5 years old with worn tires and wheel locks that provided only partial locking of wheels, resulting in high fall risk. With our recommendations, Angie took Roger to a wheelchair fitting which provided him with a new custom manual wheelchair to facilitate improved posture, safety, and community access.

Theresa was able to focus on Roger’s breath support to improve his communication abilities while on community outings. Angie and program manager Brenda also collaborated with his case manager and Next Day Access to extend a ramp from the back exit of his house and to provide small ramps to improve his ability to safely exit his front door. We also recommended a grab bar in the garage to improve his safety with laundry management.

From improving independence with meal preparation to having the opportunity to walk again using a Rifton device, Roger made so much progress with his therapy team and enjoyed every minute! He was given the opportunity to trial activities such as the Brain Injury Connect Group and exercises at the recreation center that he would not have been able to do without our help.

Roger’s case was such a wonderful experience and a great example of what can happen when there is collaboration between therapy and funding sources regarding various recommendations and the positive impact it can have on a patient’s life. Angie and Brenda made recommendations for his ongoing care including the benefit of transition to Center for Neuro Skills restorative program which would give him the opportunity to participate with community engagement in a supervised setting for safety.

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