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“Grateful to my “A” team!”

Our patient Terri was recently discharged from our Maine Home & Community Program! She had suffered a stroke and came to RWW for therapy services. Here she is pictured with her husband and two of her therapists before they all went on a kayaking trip! Her therapy team was PT with Azia Kalil (pictured), OT with Dorothy Burton (pictured), SLP with Alla Johnson (not pictured) and Clinical Coordinator Christine LoSciuto (not pictured).

Terri stated the following about her therapy team and rehab outcomes, “RWW has to be one of the premier programs for stroke survivors looking to regain their independence and life before stroke.  I cannot put into words how grateful I am to my “A” team for all they have done for me. I know I did the work but they were instrumental in how and what my next steps were. They helped me set realistic expectations, they paid attention to my needs, and encouraged me to push beyond what I previously did in therapy. I would recommend RWW to anyone and everyone recovering from a stroke. I love my team of therapists and will miss our time together.”

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