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Denver Home and Community Rehab

Home and community rehab combines evidence-based therapies with creative uses of the patient’s own surroundings – whether at home, school, work, or in the community.

The goal for the patient is to recover, learn and grow – in a comfortable and familiar place. This leads to rapid and lasting functional independence and patient success.

Rehab Without Walls® goes beyond traditional home health or outpatient therapy. We specialize in providing functional, intensive, individualized therapy within your home and community. Goals are developed collaboratively with family, patient, and a therapy team to focus on how best to return your family member to their desired activity, or discover new hobbies and tasks after injury.

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Our program begins with safety within the home and quickly advances to community re-integration and exploring new and previously enjoyed outings with the safety and knowledge of a rehab professional. In addition to learning how to prepare a meal at home, patients learn to shop at their local grocery store and use their own kitchen. Rather than simply focusing on grooming skills, patients learn to navigate their own bathrooms safely.

As our name suggests, our therapy is without bounds. The goal is to extend your therapy to meet your individual goals at home, at school, at work, a return to driving, and within your community.

Is home and community neuro therapy the right fit?

Home and community neuro therapy is best suited for adult and pediatric patients who:

  • Reside in a home or community setting
  • Have a brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, or have a complex diagnosis requiring a multi-disciplined rehabilitation
  • Have complex/continuing therapy goals
  • Are focused on functional community re-entry
  • Would experience a clinical advantage from working on functional goals in a real-life setting

Our innovative home and community neuro therapy programs are covered by many commercial health insurance programs and workers’ compensation plans. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Medicare and Medicaid, but we do offer private pay options. Contact us for more information about your options.

An initial assessment with a rehab professional will allow the family and team to individualize your care plan to best suit your needs medically. The home and community rehab care team is overseen by a physician and led by a clinical coordinator. The clinical coordinator pulls together the right team, ensures that there are no gaps or overlaps in services, facilitates communication and leads frequent team meetings with therapists, patients and families. Our expert team creates a customized therapy plan for each home and community rehab patient.

The plan may include:

We have experience with a variety of diagnoses such as Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, concussion, vestibular, catastrophic and multi-trauma, post-COVID syndrome, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, other neurodegenerative processes and Muscular Dystrophy.

We have served thousands of home and community rehab patients and produced proven results that have been published in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals. We have over 30 years in practice and thousands of lives rebuilt!

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