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Behavior Management for Adults and Children (BMAC)

A Highly Specialized Program

Behavior Management for Adults and Children (BMAC) is a service that provides highly trained behavior technicians to schools and families. BMAC has been contracting with school districts for over 20 years to provide services to their most complex students. Students that use this service are within the school age range of up to 21 years old.

Student safety is our priority, and advancing each child’s educational goals is our daily task.

It takes a team.

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All behavior technicians that work in the BMAC program are trained in Right Response, a program that teaches individuals how to always remain in control and de-escalate any situation that may arise. Additionally, Relias online training is used to further educate behavior technicians about Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum disorders.

Case coordinators are a key part of BMAC’s success, as they are the first line coaches and supervisors of the behavior technicians in schools. All of our case coordinators were experienced Behavior Technicians before being promoted.

Lead behavior technicians serve as substitutes for behavior technicians. Their role is to fill in if the behavior technician is absent or to start new client assignments while a permanent staff person is chosen.

Why use BMAC?

The BMAC program gives the school district flexibility in staffing students with challenging behavior by identifying a staff person who is a good match for the unique needs of the specific individual.

School districts find value in using behavior technicians to minimize risk of school staff on-the-job injuries and loss of time due to their exposure to students with aggressive behavior.

The Value of Using BMAC

  • teacher working with studentOur program provides reliable, safe substitute coverage for students with complex behavior challenges
  • Compatibility of BMAC billing with OSPI Safety Net Fund
  • All BMAC staff have annual training in confidentiality, safety procedures, Right Response, mandated reporting, sexual harassment and abuse/neglect/exploitation
  • We have a summer Community Adventure Program that some school districts use as an alternative to extended school year
  • BMAC always finds a way to work with all students who need the program
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