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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Early Intervention

When young children are newly diagnosed with autism, parents are often at a loss with the flood of information and recommendations to help their child adapt and learn coping skills. We help families understand how ABA interventions can benefit their child.

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ABA is based on scientific principles to improve socially useful behaviors and reduce problematic ones. Extensive research has shown that one treatment approach – early, intensive instruction using the methods of ABA can result in significant improvements for children with autism, particularly for children beginning treatment prior to age 6.

We are currently accepting children ages 2-6 in our ABA day programs in Bellingham, Lynnwood and Renton. Call 425.673.6905 today to schedule an appointment.

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A Team Approach

Our service model allows for each child to receive 1:1 instruction. We use evidence-based practices to provide children diagnosed with autism the most effective therapy for his/her specific needs. Our team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA’s), Certified Behavior Technicians (CBT) and Speech Therapists will give your child one-to-one attention to teach new skills and create opportunities for social, play and language development.

Focusing on the Individual

A BCBA will perform an assessment of your child’s verbal, behavioral and developmental strengths to assist in the development of an effective treatment plan. Our BCBAs and CBTs teach young learners how to transition between functional learning activities while teaching toward the treatment plan objectives.  Your child’s program will include Speech Therapy, goals that include self-care activities of daily living, social skills, functional routines and parent training.

Teaching Targets and Techniques

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The ABA approach has shown that moderate to large improvements are likely outcomes for most children in areas related to peer interactions, language acquisition, self-care, play skills and pre-academic skills.

We employ teaching strategies which integrate highly structured teaching opportunities, such as DTT (Discrete Trial Training), PRT (Pivotal Response Training) and more naturally embedded teaching strategies, inclusive of NET (Natural Environment Training) and FCT (Functional Communication Training).

Assessments Used

  • Assessment of Basic learning and Language Skills (ABLLS-R)
  • Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Protocol (VB-MAPP)
  • Social Skills Rating Scale (SSRS)
  • Social Skills Inventory
  • Functional Behavior Assessment Inventory (FBAI)
  • Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS)
  • Functional Assessment Screening Tool (FAST)
  • The BCBA will also provide weekly training opportunities for parents, share your child’s progress and collaborate with parents to establish realistic home goals

Achieving Success

We tailor your child’s plan to address his or her unique needs and create learning opportunities that support engagement and learning at an optimal pace. Our ABA programs integrate positive behavior supports and we strive to create occasions to reinforce success. We emphasize social skills and functional communication training throughout treatment.

We are accepting children ages 2-6 for our Monday through Thursday Day Program sessions. Morning and afternoon sessions are available at each location and last approximately three (3) hours.

Call us today at 425.673.6905 to schedule an assessment or learn more about Rehab Without Walls and our ABA programs.

We specialize in services for children covered by Apple Health/Medicaid plans.