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The results speak for themselves.

Here’s a sampling of some of the feedback we’ve received from Rehab Without Walls® NeuroSolutions patients, family members and others. For more first-person accounts, check out our patient stories.

We love hearing from people we’ve helped! If you have a story to share, please contact us.

From patients and family members

“I needed a new base level of what I could and couldn’t do. Rehab Without Walls helped me find it and be as functional as I could be at the new level. The team listened well and took into account my overall condition as well as the day-to-day fluctuations. I feel the treatment helped me accomplish my goals: returning to work, staying as independent as possible, and most of all, remaining in my own home.”

“I think because I live with MS everyday I am more aware of the realities of my condition and the gradual changes occurring in my body and with my level of independence. After this last hospitalization, my mother felt overwhelmed and had a hard time with it all. Talking with someone who heard her pain and addressed it from a rehabilitation perspective really made a difference for her.”

“The wheelchair is gathering dust in the closet. He can navigate stairs, go out into the community for long periods of time on his own, operate his prostheses masterfully, prepare simple meals and perform transfers with minimal assists. He has returned to his hobbies of woodworking and car rebuilding and is exploring getting his GED. He does it all – he’s amazing.”

“The Rehab Without Walls team really helped me out a lot. They got me everything I needed – from helping me get my strength back to referrals to the right specialists. Today I do everything I used to before the accident, no problem.”

“When Rehab Without Walls walked in, we began to have hope. Rehab Without Walls got us moving in the right direction.”

“I was stagnant. Now the world has opened up. Life has opened up.”

Home and Community setting

“They allowed me to recover at home and be with my family. For me, that was a real blessing.”

“Another company came in with all their fancy brochures to show us a new program and then RWW came in; I was hesitant because he would only get therapy a few days a week and people coming into my home was concerning. As I look back now I made the right choice with bringing him home and having RWW come in. I don’t think he would be where he is today without RWW.”

From case managers and insurers

Quality and customization is our core value at Rehab Without Walls Neurosolutions. It’s these core values that lead to coast savings.

“Conservatively, we can say that with [our client] back working and fully functional, our soft savings are $193,000 a year in medical exposure.” (Read the Liberty Mutual financial outcomes case study)

“The outcomes speak for themselves. Rehab Without Walls is the only place we’ve found where they can maximize life skills and promote independence.”

“It is such a pleasure to work with a provider that is aligned so closely with our philosophy. It’s a real partnership.”

“As a case management nurse I really try hard to tailor care to the individual, which is one of the joys of working with Rehab Without Walls. We collaborate as a team to provide what the patient needs.”

“I try to get Rehab Without Walls involved at the time when the brain is most plastic and most able to heal. If you have a dedicated neurorehab team, it can make all the difference in the world. I’ve seen what a huge difference 25 to 30 hours a week can make for the patient.”

“Phone calls, emails, conference calls, team meetings, close patient monitoring – Rehab Without Walls is great about communicating. They try to make it as seamless as possible, and when problems arise or adjustments need to be made, they perform them quickly and communicate right away.”

“When a young person has significant physical deficits or a person’s personality changes due to a TBI, they often do not understand how much things have changed in their life and how they need to address them. Rehab Without Walls works with this beautifully, helping them make a plan, determine goals and set realistic expectations. Then they ensure that everyone on the team reinforces them.”

“The expertise and availability of Rehab Without Walls makes my job easier on many levels from ease of referral to outcomes. Our patients tend to develop a trusting relationship with their Rehab Without Walls clinicians which, in turn, helps motivation and compliance. At discharge, patients are truly prepared to begin the next phase of their lives.”

“I cover a vast territory, and when I have a case in an unfamiliar area, I know that I can count on Rehab Without Walls. They do a wonderful job identifying all the resources, providers and services in the community that my patient may need.”

“We refer our most serious cases to Rehab Without Walls – catastrophic injuries such as TBI or SCI – because the company’s clinical expertise is unparalleled. In fact, I believe this is what sets them apart. The interdisciplinary treatment team is experienced in providing high level home- and community-based services to critically ill patients to return them to an optimal level of functioning.”

“I see [the home and community setting] as the essential bridge between hospital and home. Often a patient will be discharged from an acute inpatient facility but may not be strong enough to participate in outpatient services. The intensive physical and cognitive therapy that Rehab Without Walls provides in the home can be the appropriate solution for keeping the patient’s progress on track. For example, a weak patient may have to travel by car a half hour to attend outpatient therapy, yet by the time the therapy begins, he or she may be exhausted, which means the therapy may not be as effective as it could be. Rehab Without Walls, on the other hand, maximizes the patient’s time and strength to achieve results.”

“Rehab Without Walls is an extension of my eyes and ears in the home. The team members can identify problems that otherwise wouldn’t be apparent – anger, home safety issues, family dynamics – and address them so that treatment is not compromised. Patients will also tell their Rehab Without Walls therapists things they won’t tell me, which is important because I need to remain objective in making decisions that affect their care.”

“Because quality is our top priority at Paradigm, we choose to work with companies that have similar values. Rehab Without Walls embodies quality in their approach to both clinical care and patient service, which is why the company is a good fit for us.”

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