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If you’re new to the Rehab Without Walls® approach, you probably have questions—who we treat, how we work, our efficacy and outcomes. Who better to answer these questions than someone who has referred cases to us for the last six years? Here Ann Skulley, RN, Network Manager of Paradigm Health Care, shares her experiences in her own words.

Making the case manager job easier.

“The expertise and availability of Rehab Without Walls® makes my job easier on many levels—from ease of referral to outcomes. Our patients tend to develop a trusting relationship with their Rehab Without Walls® clinicians which, in turn, helps motivation and compliance. At discharge, patients are truly prepared to begin the next phase of their lives.”

What she most values.

“I cover a vast territory, and when I have a case in an unfamiliar area, I know that I can count on Rehab Without Walls®. They do a wonderful job identifying all the resources, providers and services in the community that my patient may need.”

A resource for the most serious cases.

“We at Paradigm refer our most serious cases to Rehab Without Walls® —catastrophic injuries such as TBI or SCI—because the company’s clinical expertise is unparalleled. In fact, I believe this is what sets them apart. The interdisciplinary treatment team is experienced in providing high level home- and community-based services to critically ill patients to return them to an optimal level of functioning.”

The bridge between hospital and home.

“I see Rehab Without Walls® as the essential bridge between hospital and home. Often a patient will be discharged from an acute inpatient facility but may not be strong enough to participate in outpatient services. The intensive physical and cognitive therapy that Rehab Without Walls provides in the home can be the appropriate solution for keeping the patient’s progress on track. For example, a weak patient may have to travel by car a half hour to attend outpatient therapy, yet by the time the therapy begins, he or she may be exhausted, which means the therapy may not be as effective as it could be. Rehab Without Walls®, on the other hand, maximizes the patient’s time and strength to achieve results.”

An open line of communication.

“I truly appreciate the way Rehab Without Walls® communicates. In addition to providing regular telephonic updates, they hold monthly teleconferences that include the clinical team members, the patient and the patient’s family. This is vital to good case management because we can assess what is working or make appropriate adjustments to the patient’s plan of care as needed.”

Her eyes and ears.

“Rehab Without Walls® is an extension of my eyes and ears in the home. The team members can identify problems that otherwise wouldn’t be apparent—anger, home safety issues, family dynamics—and address them so that treatment is not compromised. Patients will also tell their Rehab Without Walls® therapists things they won’t tell me, which is important because I need to remain objective in making decisions that affect their care.”

It’s about quality.

“Because quality is our top priority at Paradigm, we choose to work with companies that have similar values. Rehab Without Walls® embodies quality in their approach to both clinical care and patient service, which is why the company is a good fit for us.”