The outcomes speak for themselves… Rehab Without Walls® is the only place we’ve found where they can maximize life skills and promote independence. „ B.H., Liberty Mutual

Our priority is doing the right thing for the injured worker. Return to work is not something that has been routinely focused on with traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries however, that is what Rehab Without Walls® can deliver. „ R.M., Liberty Mutual

I needed a new base level of what I could and couldn’t do. Rehab Without Walls helped me find it and be as functional as I could be at the new level. The team listened well and took into account my overall condition as well as the day-to-day fluctuations. I feel the treatment helped me accomplish my goals: returning to work, staying as independent as possible, and most of all, remaining in my own home. „

I think because I live with MS everyday I am more aware of the realities of my condition and the gradual changes occurring in my body and with my level of independence. After this last hospitalization, my mother felt overwhelmed and had a hard time with it all. Talking with someone who heard her pain and addressed it from a rehabilitation perspective really made a difference for her. „

The wheelchair is gathering dust in the closet. He can navigate stairs, go out into the community for long periods of time on his own, operate his prostheses masterfully, prepare simple meals and perform transfers with minimal assists. He has returned to his hobbies of woodworking and car rebuilding and is exploring getting his GED. He does it all—he’s amazing. „

The Rehab Without Walls team really helped me out a lot. They got me everything I needed—from helping me get my strength back to referrals to the right specialists. Today I do everything I used to before the accident, no problem. „

When Rehab Without Walls walked in, we began to have hope. Rehab Without Walls got us moving in the right direction. „

I was stagnant. Now the world has opened up.Life has opened up. „