Rescare, Inc.


ResCare is a human services company that offers services to people of all ages and abilities to help make their lives more independent. The company serves more than a million people each year with its nearly 50,000 employees at thousands of locations.

ResCare’s name is derived from two words: Respect and Care. These core values are the bedrock of the ResCare philosophy, a set of principles captured in the organization’s mission statement and expressed in the guidelines that comprise the ResCare Quality Way. The two provide the foundation for the development and implementation of ResCare services, systems and procedures. Our extensive quality assurance and best practice programs ensure measurable, quantifiable results. Our knowledge and experience – the product of more than three decades of service to the nation’s most vulnerable populations – are among ResCare’s greatest assets. We measure our success by the success of the people we support.

ResCare Mission Statement

ResCare is Respect and Care—assisting people to reach their highest level of independence.

We are dedicated and caring people who form a company providing excellent human services that enhance the lives of individuals.

With efficiency and effectiveness, we strive to provide the highest measurable quality supports for the people and organizations we serve, our employees, our shareholders and our communities.

ResCare Quality

The ResCare Quality Way is the ideological backbone of the company. Its five principles specify the level of service we commit to provide in our relationship with the world. These principles are:

  • Creating direction
  • Customer focus
  • Employee focus
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Managing for outcomes

We at ResCare create direction by envisioning the kind of company we want to be and make that vision a reality by promoting high quality services and enjoying the work we do.

We focus on our customers -- the people we serve – and also focus on our employees, ensuring that both have their needs met. In keeping with that focus, we use face-to-face communication with our co-workers, associates and the people we support. We use technology to help us in our work, but we believe the best way to talk to someone is the old fashioned way – real human contact.

We also manage for the outcome of our work by measuring our successes and always looking for ways to meet the unique needs of all the individuals receiving our services. These are the guiding principles for every segment of the company. The ResCare Quality Way is how we do business and it’s what sets us apart.

Homecare Services

ResCare HomeCare provides personalized home care services to people of all ages, physical conditions and cognitive abilities. We offer quality in-home senior care, including professional nursing, therapy, personal care, Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, home making, companionship, respite and many home care services in the comfort of your home, the hospital, long-term assisted living facilities and other places of temporary or permanent residence.

Services include:
  • Daily Personal Care Assistance
  • Companionship and Transportation
  • Homemaking
  • Medication Reminders
  • Care Management
  • Skilled Nursing/Therapy
  • Neuro Therapy
  • Hospital Support
  • Live-in Care
  • Overnight
  • Post-hospitalization Care and Support
  • Post-Cosmetic Surgery Care and Support
  • Remote tele-care

Residential Services

ResCare Residential Services provide supports to people with developmental, cognitive and intellectual disabilities. Services include group homes, supported living, in-home, Telecare, foster or companion care and vocational and habilitation.

  • Rest Assured® Telecare System - ResCare’s remote Telecare and support service is a state-of-the-art, web-based Telecare system that connects individuals with professional, caring Tele-caregivers using the latest wireless technology over the Internet.
  • Pharmacy Alternatives - A member of ResCare’s family of services, Pharmacy Alternatives is a limited, closed-door pharmacy focused on serving individuals with cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Mental Health/Mental Illness - Services available for adults who have serious emotional disorders or severe and persistent mental illness.
  • Disability Services - Helping people of all ages with cognitive, intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities to develop and enhance the quality of their lives. ResCare offers individuals, families and guardians support in a variety of settings including the home, supported living arrangements, group homes and vocational and day habilitation programs.
  • Acquired Brain Injury - Providing individual-tailored options that incorporate traditional therapies into community-based skill training to people with a broad range of acuities, behaviors and resources. The services are designed to help transition toward a more active, community-oriented lifestyle.

Workforce Services

ResCare Workforce Services, with more than 40 years of experience, is the nation’s premier provider of workforce programs. We focus on customized solutions for federal, state and local agencies. Our primary objective is to improve the match between employers’ needs and workers’ skills.

Our Assets

  • Well-trained, dedicated professionals
  • Tools, information, support and skills training
  • Industry’s most experienced provider
  • Fiscal strength and stability
  • Extensive online training application

Our Goals

  • Reduce poverty and unemployment
  • Increase job satisfaction, retention and advancement for workers
  • Remove barriers to employment
  • Help businesses grow
  • Enhance economic development in communities
  • Prepare people for the world of work

Our Business Partners Receive

  • Business-minded solutions development
  • A consultative approach with their recruitment, hiring and retention needs
  • Information, linkage and customized services connecting employers to job-ready candidates
  • Cost-effective training programs and a pipeline of trained workers

Our Customers Receive

  • Unmatched experience in workforce programs
  • Financial stability and fiscal responsibility
  • Innovative solutions that allow us to meet and exceed customer requirements
  • A nationally-recognized team of experts to help you design, implement, improve and manage your workforce programs

Youth Services

ResCare supports many young adults and children through services specially tailored to meet their unique needs. We provide life-changing programs to help young people succeed in school, obtain meaningful and gainful employment and become productive members of their community. ResCare also excels at assisting children find safe, secure environments through our foster care programs.

From managing charter schools across the country, helping connect children with safe foster families to being one of the largest Job Corps operators in the United States, ResCare offers each individual a chance at success and a self-sufficient lifestyle.

  • Youth Residential Services - We serve young people with emotional and behavioral issues or other special needs as well as juveniles in the justice system. Services offer intense supports which teach young people strategies for independent living as well as social and academic skills within residential treatment facilities, group homes and foster care settings.
  • Educational Services - As part of the ResCare family of services, ResCare partners with a variety of public and private entities to provide education to our youth. We offer academic choices for youth through individualized learning environments, including private, charter, online schools and other education programs.
  • Job Corps Centers - Operated by ResCare and administered by the United States Department of Labor, Job Corps is a residential, educational and training program for unemployed and undereducated youth ages 16 through 24.