Clinical Outcomes

In today’s world, outcomes matter. With health care, they answer the most basic of questions: Does the intervention work? How well? And for how long? Outcomes can identify best practices, help with process improvement, influence insurance coverage, determine treatment strategies and provide objective assessment of protocols.

The Rehab Without Walls® outcomes measures involve collecting data from clients at four critical points in the treatment process: admission, discharge, three-months post-discharge and one-year post-discharge. This provides so much more than simply a before-and-after picture. It also shows the durability of the outcomes—which is the rehabilitation equivalent of a home run. The more durable the outcomes, the better the client’s quality of life, the fewer emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations, and the better the return on the time, money and other resources invested in the patient's rehabilitation.

This is extremely important to insurance companies—they want to see results from their investment in this very intensive process—but it is also important to all the other key people. For patients and families, outcome information gives them concrete information on progress, especially when the gains may seem small or the patient’s own self-awareness may be impaired. It also can serve as a motivating tool. For doctors, outcomes give them accurate, functional information on their patient’s status. This, in turn, allows them to make critical decisions such as whether to continue with a particular intervention. The amount of information that the outcomes tools offer allow Rehab Without Walls® to view its programs with a more objective eye as well. We can see which interventions are most effective and the areas where clients consistently score lower or higher, then make adjustments. In addition, as we get more efficient with data collection we can give feedback to individual patients, patients by diagnoses and even the entire division. Once you have reliable and valid data, the possibilities are endless.