Day Treatment Clinic

The Rehab Without Walls® Clinic Program, located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides CARF accredited neurorehabilitation in a moderately structured clinic setting. As a licensed Outpatient Treatment Center, the clinic has a fully equipped therapy gym, individual treatment space, and specialized cognitive remediation tools. Treatment is not limited to the clinic, however. The interdisciplinary rehabilitation team designs individualized treatment plans to include multiple settings: within the clinic, the home and community, and the work place as needed. The intensity varies to meet individual needs; thus, patients may attend therapy for up to six hours per day five days a week, or for only a few hours per week. Treatment will likely include specialized socialization, education and peer-support groups as well as individual therapies. The structure provided by the Clinic Program offers the opportunity for patients to establish a productive routine away from home in preparation for reentering school, work, and other community activities. With the goal for each patient to achieve his/her highest level of independence, a customized rehabilitation plan is developed and includes the recommended blend of:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Medical Social Work
  • Nursing oversight
  • Clinical Coordination
  • Therapeutic Recreation and Community Reintegration
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

When The Day Treatment Clinic Is Recommended

The Rehab Without Walls® Clinic Program is recommended:

  • for patients who need daily structure and routine, keeping the patient active and engaged throughout the day
  • for patients who will benefit from group therapy/education, in addition to individualized services
  • when a clinic setting enhances motivation
  • when clinic hours also help to meet supervision needs, e.g., while caretaker(s) resume work and other responsibilities
  • for patients who will benefit from the socialization and support provided throughout the therapy day from therapists and other patients facing similar challenges
  • because this is the treatment environment the patient, the family, physician or payer prefers

Transportation to and from the clinic is usually available at no additional cost.

Why the Rehab Without Walls® Clinic Program is Right for You:

The comprehensive Clinic Program is for patients who need a moderate level of structure in order to maximize their rehabilitation potential. The focus of this program is to use one-on-one and specialized group interventions to help the individual achieve a level where he/she can function safely, appropriately, and independently. As a patient in the Clinic Program:

  • Your treatment team will have extensive neurological experience. They will get to know you. They will be committed to your treatment goals and will customize your treatment plan to meet those goals.

  • Your treatment will be focused on function and will include multiple and varied settings. Treatment is not limited to the clinic. The rehabilitation team will customize your therapy program to include home and community settings, work place and volunteer settings, and school settings as needed and as determined by you, your family, the treatment team, physician, and payer.

  • You will engage in socialization, education, and peer support, interacting with other people with varying levels of disability. The Clinic Program offers you the opportunity to begin coping with and adjusting to life changes, preparing you for social activities within the community.

  • You will establish a productive routine outside of your home. For most of us, routine is a part of life. Your injury interrupted your daily routine. The Clinic program helps you to re-establish structure and routine away from home, similar to what you may have experienced prior to injury, facilitating your return to productive activities.

  • You will build physical and cognitive endurance. Individualized treatment programs may require attendance for up to six hours per day, five days a week or for only a few hours per week. Back-to-back treatment sessions will help you to improve your stamina for cognitive and physical tasks.

  • You will receive neuropsychology services and cognitive rehabilitation with the appropriate intensity (from five to seven hours per week, to one or two hours per week).

  • Your physician will oversee your rehabilitation program and will be a part of the rehabilitation team. You will have oversight of your medical needs by a Rehab Without Walls® rehabilitation nurse when needed.

  • You will have a clinical coordinator managing your rehabilitation program to ensure the best possible outcome. The clinical coordinator pulls the therapy services together, serving as the single point of contact between you, your family, the treatment team, the physician, and the payer. The clinical coordinator ensures that everyone stays up to date on progress, decisions and results.

  • You are an integral part of the treatment team. Your needs are the driving force for treatment planning. A highly skilled team of professionals will be assembled to assist you to achieve your rehabilitation goals. Your clinical team will work together with you to provide the right mix of clinical services at the right level of intensity.

  • Your family will receive support and education. Your family will be encouraged to participate in therapeutic activities which will facilitate carry-over to your own home. You and your family will receive support and develop coping strategies with the help of Neuropsychology and Social Work Services.

  • You will participate in a rehabilitation program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF).